Podium Multisport NC Paratriathlon Community Clinic


The 2015 Podium Multisport NC Paratriathlon Community Clinic is a single-day introduction to the sport of paratriathlon for new or novice paratriathletes.  We welcome individuals who’ve even never considered participation in a triathlon before!  The community clinic is presented by Carolina Multisport in partnership with The Getting2Tri Foundation.

Registration for Volunteers and Participants (click here)

Clinic Details

Date: September 12, 2015 (8:30 am – 5:30 pm)

Location: Podium Multisport (NC), Cornelius, N. Carolina

Target Audience: Individuals with physical disabilities such as limb loss, spinal cord injuries, or paralysis with novice or no experience in the sport of “paratriathlon”

Goal: Provide a single-day, introductory curriculum of adaptive “swim, bike, and run” as a way to educate and encourage “participatory paratriathlon” at the grass-roots, community level

Planned Curriculum:

Session 1: Paratriathlon 101 overview and introduction to Podium Multisport NC store (programs & services)

Session 2: Proper fit and alignment on Bicycles and Handcycles

Session 3A: Ambulatory Running Fundamentals

Session 3B: Handcycling Fundamentals

Session 4A: Nutrition for the Paratriathlete (working lunch)

Session 4B: Training Plans (working lunch)

Session 5: Swimming Fundamentals as a Paratriathlete

Session 6: Transition Area tips & techniques for the Paratriathlete


Note: All sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length; 10 minutes “transition” in-between sessions. Tentative start time is 8:30 am at Podium MS.

The day will conclude with a BBQ meet & greet mixer back at the Podium MS store.






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