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  • Volunteer at G2T Programs
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2014 G2T Nat’l Paratriathlon Training Camp

The Getting2Tri National Paratriathlon Training Camp is an intensive 3-day event for all International Triathlon Union (ITU) classes of physically challenged athletes, called “paratriathletes”, ages 18 and older.  The camp is sanctioned by USA Triathlon (USAT).

Our 2014 event will be held in the “Queen City” of Charlotte, NC and surrounding recreational areas from Saturday, August 23- Monday, August 25.  

The camp utilizes many of the same facilities currently being used for Charlotte’s thriving paralympic sports activities and multisport competitions such as triathlon, running races, and bicycle training areas

The camp’s curriculum is designed for the beginner who is looking to start a training program or for experienced paratriathletes who wish to further their development.

We also welcome those interested in learning more about programs for athletes with disabilities and triathlon, including coaches, trainers, and volunteers.

The 2014 G2T National Paratriathlon Training Camp is a sanctioned, USA Triathlon (USAT) annual event and will celebrate its seventh year in 2014!  The camp is limited to 25 paratriathletes and may require as many as 50 volunteers per day in order to be successful.

Click on the items below for specific camp information.  NOTE:  Links will be ACTIVE on July 11, 2014.


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