The Getting2Tri foundation is a one-of-a-kind organization that spans its focus from athletic endeavors to the changing of people’s lifestyles. We build communities for the coaching, training and mentoring of individuals with disabilities in the sports of swimming, cycling, and running. Individuals with disabilities participating are called “paratriathletes” and their backgrounds are just as varied as their goals; wounded veterans from recent conflicts to individuals with limb loss due to disease or paralysis or injuries inflicted through some form of trauma.

Getting2Tri is a 100% volunteer-based organizations!  All contributions go directly to fund our programs.  We do not have any salaried employees on our staff.

Thank you for supporting G2T with you “time, talent, and treasures!

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I have the fortunate role of surrounding myself with heroes. We’ve created an organization that uses sports as a vehicle for goal accomplishments in the lives of people with physical disabilities. Every individual the foundation touches is unique and special. We never grow tired of sharing his or her successes.

It was always my hope to have an impact on individuals with disabilities and I believe we’re doing that. But what I didn’t anticipate was the impact we’d have on the able-bodied community. It’s been amazing to witness some truly life-changing things happen to our community of athletes and volunteers. It has certainly forever changed my life and I know it will change yours. Consider getting involved today.

Mike Lenhart, Founder & President


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